Lomography and experiments with Holga 120N

Lomography and experiments with Holga 120N
ideal couple.

Lets hear it for Lomography!!

Leave Instagram and other effects inducing software and apps!!!

Lomography is the real thing.

Photo captured on film , in all its glory(read vignetting and occasional light leaks).  I started the journey with my Holga 120N  after I got one from the Four Corners store for 45 Dollars.

The difficult part is to get it processed. In India , you will have to send it either to Bombay or Delhi to get it  processed. Over here in Finland,  Erikuva   can get it done for you, but is pretty damn expensive.


After I am done with my 3 rolls, (one being BW roll) and clicking shots in Finland , Rome and India, I am quiet not done with the whole Lomography thing as it keeps on surprising me now and then.

There are a few things to keep in mind when clicking in Lomo , as i have learned the hard way. Light Light and more light or you will end up under exposing your film. These photos were clicked, from 2012 to 2014 in Finland and Italy.


Hope you like the pictures. If you do please, like share and comment !.


Edit: I still have an unprocessed reel in my Holga currently. Eagerly waiting to send it to processing Updated on: 06/07/2016

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