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June 2011

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Alone in my mind

Alone in my mind.
In a room full of people.
Wondering about the way I think
and why I think.

Fiction, Writings,

The Cure

“ Talking about paradise , look here , they talk about this paradise here , see . There you see, that is water flowing through the floor. This is what it used to be it seems , humans used to drink the water from this flowing water and see , these green things on brown pillars were the O2 generators of the past”.

Fiction, Writings,


He climbed up the rocks , with his heart still trembling. He hadn’t regained his breath completely, after the encounter that he had with the giant 2 headed serpent. The fall he took during the attack had wounded him but there was no way that he was giving up. He knew he could make it , he could achieve the impossible.