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On the banks of the river Neva, there stood this majestic city of St.Petersburg , which has a lot of stories to tell. My understanding or the general outlook of the country Russia came from a book which I had close to my heart when I was little boy. It was a book about the folk tales of Russia. The book had many characters by the name ‘Evan’ , had a lots of palaces , forts , wolves which hunts in the night, witches by the name of ‘Babayaga’ who lived precariously in a hut atop a chicken leg. Well those where many many years ago. Now I am going to see Russia as it is.

From the early 90’s Russia is more famous for weapons , mobsters and what not. So it was mixed feeling when I disembarked the ship at the port. What would I see a modern St.Petersburg which will shock me or a city from my childhood imagination.

Well.  It was all mixed of sorts.

As our tour bus went through the Palace square and around the Alexanders column, the sheer size and beauty of the whole setting did bring back quiet a lot of memories about palaces and statues which touched the sky. I remember there was story where a prince on his horse had to jump over a column which was sky high to win the the hand of the princess. This could quiet possibly have been an inspiration.

We had a few stops on the banks of the Neva  where we could see the famous Science “Fictionistic” catamarans only seen in this part of the world  , traveling at great speeds plying passengers from port to another. Called the aqua bus , this was St.Petersberg’s answer to reducing traffic on the roads.

Another noticeable thing was the two Egyptians spinxses opposite the fine art museum along the banks. On enquiring to our guide , it was so that these two carved in pink granite was bought all the way from Egypt, by the Russian Emperor from the 1800’s. Quite cool ahh.

St.Issac’s Cathedral is something you cannot miss when visiting this amazing city of St.Petersburg. The exteriors couldn’t be enjoyed much as there was construction and renovation going on  but the interiors where a treat to the eye. The detailed artwork inside can be second to none.


Here is what was able to capture of St.Petersburg, while returning back with bag full of Matraska dolls. There is more to see of this great city as well as this once great nation. May be I will get another chance to visit many other places in the vast and endless Russia.


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