Helsinki Flash Mob – January 2012

This is the video of the flash mob that was held in Kampi Mall ,Helsinki  on Jan 11th of 2012. I was fortunate enough to be  given the opportunity to shoot it with 6 cameras and to edit the final official version. Here it is !!

[yt video=”v_pcWOyVsxs” width=”560″ height=”340″ /]

MH-1 March 31 – The Trailer(2004)

This is the theatrical trailer of the movie , which was shot in a single night  with a JVC 800X model handycam in the college hostel.

[yt video=”AJO1ed6ipnU” width=”625″ height=”353″/]


This is a video collage done for the college festival with the theme of “insanity” in mind.

[yt video=”tfFxK1wUeCY” width=”625″ height=”353″/]

These short films posted below were created for the Aids Awareness campaign by the Red Ribbon Club as part of Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

My Story (2007)

This is a short animation film, about a girl named Mary who life is completely destroyed by AIDs.

[yt video=”DVYl3UWymrc” width=”625″ height=”353″/]


Even though pretty much straight on face and inclined on to the lighter side , “In Safe Hands”  clearly puts forward the message.

[yt video=”_pQtj0bdHHM” width=”625″ height=”353″/]